Workshop 3 - Go with the Flow: Sport, Physical Activity, Health and Menstruation

We are pleased to announce further information on our third network workshop, which will take place in January 2020 (exact date to be confirmed) hosted by Dr Sarah Zipp at the Faculty of Health Science and Sport, University of Stirling.

The workshop will focus on sport, physical activity and health, examining two critical aspects of the topic: (1) How menstrual health impacts the experience of sport and physical activity from adolescence through menopause; and, (2) How sport might serve as a platform for menstrual health education and raising awareness of key issues, such as period poverty. 

Additionally, this workshop is dedicated to concluding our first year as a network and setting goals for the future.  Network goals, funding application(s) and relevant works will be published on the website.

Keynote speaker(s) and details on this workshop will be available closer to the event.

Menstruation Research Network Launch

This project is funded by a Wellcome Trust Small Network Grant, awarded to a group of interdisciplinary researchers, led by Dr Camilla Mørk Røstvik in January 2019. We aim to establish a UK-wide network for menstruation researchers, activists, artists, campaigners, healthcare providers and those working within the menstruation industry.

Our network events are free and open to all, and aim to empower professionals, activists and academics to gain an overview over the state of the field, knowledge and cultural representation, set research agendas together, and plan future interdisciplinary collaborative work.

While we aim to welcome and support as many people as possible to attend our events, and to provide a platform for knowledge sharing across disciplines and areas of work and activism, we are a small network with limited resources at this time. We will endeavour to keep all attendees and network mailing list subscribers updated on future funding efforts, and aim to continue to grow our network over the coming years.

Research Workshop at University of St Andrews

Our first workshop will be structured around critical perspectives on menstruation, menstrual scholarship (in the humanities, sciences, and beyond), and menstrual discourse and policy, including the 2018 roll-out of the Scottish government plan to end period poverty. Speakers will present 'position papers' aimed at introducing their expertise, their critical take on menstruation, and their goals for the year. Hosted by Dr Røstvik at the University of St Andrews, the workshop will reflect the institution's strong reputation for humanities, but also include speakers from the sciences, who will be asked to share their expertise on menstruation culture, discourse and research. The afternoon will be dedicated to discussing collaboration, funding opportunities, and key research questions for the year.