We are a UK-based interdisciplinary network aiming
to bring together menstruation experts from inside
and outside academia.

This project aims to establish a UK-wide Menstruation Research Network, bringing together experts from sciences and humanities, NGOs, the arts, activists and campaigners, industry, and the NHS in order to unify knowledge about the many medical, political, economic, psychological and cultural issues related to menstruation.

Our project is launched as the Scottish government rolls out its ‘End Period Poverty’ scheme, the medical community acknowledges menstruation as a ‘fifth vital sign’, and activists are calling for more environmentally friendly, inexpensive and positive menstrual products and culture.

Through free workshops open to all, Menstruation Research Network aims
to empower professionals, activists and academics to gain an overview over the state of the field, knowledge and cultural representation, set research agendas together, and plan future interdisciplinary collaborative work.

This project is supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Network Grant.